A Lollipop and God


One day on a visit back home, I encountered the most stubborn lollipop in the world, and this was no joke. Many tried to open it, but none succeeded, we even tried to use scissors and a knife but the plastic wrap wouldn’t budge. I got frustrated, because in my mind, I was thinking great my life isn’t going right and now this lollipop hates me too! So I finally did what all Christians at the end of their rope do, PRAY. Granted that should be first, but you know as well as I do that we go to people first rather than God. I proclaimed that little sucker had to come off in the name of Jesus, or else (or else what I don’t know, but or else!) At that moment, what seemed like playing around and joking to others, was to me a test. My inward prayer, was “God if you can’t even get this wrapper off, then how can I trust you for all the other chaos going on in my life?” 


What happened next made people giggle and laugh, and praise in a mocking way, but the wrapper came off. And my heart broke. In that moment even though I didn’t hear the voice of God, I knew he was speaking to me. Saying, “Gabe, I can handle the little things, and I can handle the big things. You just need to trust me.” If there weren’t so many people around I would have cried, but that would have looked silly, crying over a lollipop. But God moved me that day, more than anything else. 


God can handle all of our problems, even when it seems like he isn’t answering or listening he is working, even in the bad things, because he works in ways we cannot see. What small things or big things do you need to trust God for? Are you letting Him have control or just complaining that nothing is happening? Believe, have faith, and be patient He knows what He’s doing.


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