Riding A Bike


The other night not too long ago, I was having a creative discussion with a friend of mine, known to some as an argument, or heated discussion or in terms of the Jedi “Agressive Negotiation.” Things weren’t exactly going well, and emotions were running high, until a we had a certain unexpected visitor.

God showed up, but not in the way you might expect. There was no big flashy miracle or powerful rush of the Holy Spirit that overcame us, instead it came in the form of a random stranger off the street who may or may have not been drunk or under the influence of something. He was smoking and that was getting in face face, but I digress.

He began to speak, and at first he just spoke simply of the fact that God loved us, but then things got deep. He said and I quote,”You need to remember that God said he was with you, so no matter how bad things are or what might be going on, that hasn’t changed. He’s gonna do what He needs to and he’ll take care of you.” This word, was unexpected to say the least, in more ways than one.

But then I asked myself, where was I looking for God to speak to me from? Cause I wanted Him to talk to me, I’ve been asking for it. I had been in a dry spell, and no matter what I did or how hard I prayed, heaven just seemed silent. But I realized that I was looking for Him to answer me in the way I wanted Him to.

That’s not how God works. He works on His own terms and His own time table, and the Word I received was need and came at the exact moment it needed to.

We need to look for God is our lives and we need to listen for Him, but we cannot expect God to do what we want. Yes I believe that God gives us what we need and on occasion gives us things that we desire, he likes to give gifts! Pastor Steven Furtick of Elevation church on Norta Carolina once said, “If God always met our expectations, He would never be able to exceed them.”

So let’s listen, look, and wait, but let God do things on His terms not ours.


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