Work At It?


Have you ever made a promise? Silly question right, all of us have. And those that say they don’t probably made one that went south and that’s why they don’t make then…anymore. I know I have made my share of promises and I pride myself in the fact that I have probably kept 60-80% of those promises, I left room for my margins of error, cause sometimes my memory isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

The toughest promises and biggest ones I’ve made have been to God, and they all usually go something like this: “God I will follow you forever!,” God I will never make the same mistake again!,” “God I promise you can do whatever you want with my life!” Sound familiar, I’m sure we’ve all been there and we’ve all meant well, like we love Jesus, and really want to make those things true but often we fall short.

The other day I was out for a run on a  trail and as ran I saw a woman walking the trail, opposite me, and as I came round about, I saw the same woman, now sitting at an available bench to rest. She isn’t look particularly tired, but I thought maybe she is just starting at this, but really from what I saw she was more content to rest and make her calls and texts than she was to finish the trail.

A lot of times in life we do this, whether it’s with work, school, even in relationship. When things get to difficult we just give up, we walk when we started out running, we go on to another relationship, and cut people off. And when it comes to when we make promises to God, we try and justify why it isn’t for you. We make excuses like, “I can’t share my faith, I’m not very social.” And other ridiculous things that are not true of themselves. And guess what nothing that they dreamed would happen, happens. Dreams go unfulfilled and life feels empty.

If we don’t want that, and we want to fulfill our dreams, our plans, and do things for God we need to work at it. Truth is life comes with problems, you will face opposition, you will want to give up. But in order to get anywhere you have to work! You won’t get that six pack by simply wishing for it! So we need to stop being lazy, cause that is a sin in case you didn’t know, and work.


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