My GPS Got My Lost

Mobile Phone GPS

Living in a different city is hard for someone as directionally challenged as myself. I lived in Houston most my life and still didn’t (and still don’t) know where I am going! So when I moved to San Anontio for school, I got myself a GPS, this was the era before every phone had them. It did its job mostly. Except for this one particular time on a drive to Luby’s (I still have nightmares).

Myself and three others were invited to eat by our pastors who were in town visiting us, we were the Houston crowd, and as such we all did know where to go, so input our desired location into the GPS and it took us to an empty lot! We needed being lost for two hours! When we finally found our destination, we realized that is just a short 2-5 minute trip. Our lives were forever changed.

The thing is I was recalling this story to a friend when I realized, this is often how a lot of Christians live their lives, trying to get to one destination with the wrong directions, a faulty GPS system.

The ultimate goal of a Christian should be to be like Jesus Christ, he is our savior and the bible tells we should be growing into His image, but so many of us find ourselves, far from what Jesus looked like, and the main problem is, we are tying to be like Jesus by imitating the wrong people. Here are a couple of the images we try to follow:

1) Celebrity Christians

You know who I speak of, I will not mention names. These are well known and respected leaders in the church, they lead large churches usually, and are a focus of media attention good or bad. They seem to have it all together.

2) Christian Celebrities

These are those who profess to be Christians and sometimes are but they are also more well known for being in that one movie or TV show.

3) The World

I think this one speaks for it’s self, but you know the place where everyone loves a not so holy life.

Maybe you have a differnt role model, tlike I said it’s only a short list, but the reality is that often times we are tying to be someone who we are not, and I’m not talking about being like Jesus. We try o be the next (fill in the blank of person you admire here) instead of trying to be like Jesus.

The thing is God created each and every one of us uniquely and differently, he created you to be you, but the way things are we are trying to be someone else, we try so hard to fit in or make the right choices that we lose sight of ourselves and of Jesus, and instead of becoming like Jesus we become so unlike ourselves, that no one can even recognize is anymore.

We have a guideline of how we should live, it’s called the Bible, you should read it sometime. In it is the image of Jesus, and the directions we should be letting guide us, instead of getting lost by following wrong directions.

I’m not saying don’t look up to people or follow their example, but you should look to those that do what you should be doing, becoming like Jesus by following His word. Are you following Jesus or someone else?


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