It’s Easy to Forgot

I am able to easily forgot things. I wish I wouldn’t. It would save me a lot of time. Especially when I’m looking for things in my house. I often find myself going downstairs to get something, and by the time I get there I have no idea what I’m there for. I go back up, I remember, go back down, and the whole nightmare happens again, my record has been five trips up and down. It was not my proudest moment. But even more so, we can find ourselves doing the same thing when it comes to being a Christian. God can do so many amazing things in our lives and we can easily forgot about it in the blink of an eye. Then there are times we are reminded of what God can do, and we call those times “life changing experiences.”

I have just returned from a Missions trip to Nicaragua. These kind of trips are often the kind of “life changing experiences” I’m talking about, and it’s true I felt the same thing. I felt awakened, I was reminded how awesome God really is. On this trip with my own eyes I saw people to know Jesus Christ for the first time. I saw people being healed from injury and sickness, and the results were visible. I saw hearts that had been far from God turn and be lit a new with passion again. It was amazing, and God did it all!

But it isn’t the first time that I’ve seen that. Yet I always put it all to the back of my mind, until the next mini revival of my heart for God. We all tend to be like that from time to time. We know what the Bible says, “God is our healer, we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us, God is all powerful, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. We know the words but we don’t live it out in our lives.

What we need is to keep God in front of us, we need to remind ourselves of God’s miracles in our life, especially when times get hard, but when also when everything is ok too. Here are three things you can do daily to keep your faith strong.

1) Thank God for what He has done every morning.

Being grateful for things has been proven aside from spiritual matters to be a healthy practice, it helps you realize what you have when you feel like life drains everything away from you. When we start our day thanking God for the blessings we have, we realize we have more than we think and God is put first in our day, what a great way to start off!

2) Journal about what God has spoken to you or how He has moved in your life.

One of the reasons I believe God gave us the Bible is because as humans I think we need a written reminder of what God can do. As easy it it to forget things this helps you bring to memory God’s deeds in your life. So many times, have I discovered journal entries of things that I had since forgotten (right when I needed them too) that brought me hope and reminded me that God can do what He says He can do.

3) Share the story with others.

When good things happen in this day in age, it finds it self on social media in matter of moments. Not just good things but the bad things too. We are designed to share our lives and stories, and when we share the stories of what God has done in our lives, not only does it give us a chance to celebrate God, but you never know who else your story may encourage that day.

These are just some things that God has showed me that are necessary in my life, maybe you have other ways of reminded yourself of God’s greatness, and maybe you don’t have any, start here and let God lead you, and help you remember all that He has done.

Father, help us to remember You, not just in the hardest times of life, but in the moments when all is well too. Let us not forget that nothing is impossible for you, and that you may remind us constantly of your love and power. In Jesus name, Amen!


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