I Never Ran A Day In My Life

I like to run. It’s something that I have taken up as part of a goal I have to be more healthy and to get in shape, but along the way I have found that it something that I love to do. When I started a few years back, I felt like I was awesome, my times got better, my endurance was up, I felt like one day I could be in the Olympics one day. Okay that’s a bit of a stretch but I was confidant, and I loved it.

 But then I went running with one of my close friends, he has a passion for running and he was in his high school’s Track and Cross Country team, one of the top runners might I add. So maybe this was a mistake, because he out classes me by miles(no joke). By the end of a three mile run I was exhausted ready to die there on the ground and he was ready for more, and he went for another three miles! I felt like all my accomplishments that mentioned earlier were blown out of the water. Though he said I did good, I had a hard time believing him as he started kept going for six miles.
In all of this though he taught me a lot, and running really is a sport that relates to life, I mean the Apostle Paul, did talk about running the race and all. Here are a few of the things I discovered on my “first day” of running.
1) When the going gets tough, keep your head up. It gets harder to run when your focusing on how much ground in a front of you, because its seems to go on forever! In life when things get hard we need to keep our head up and focus on God, because if focus on earthly things and troubles, there are so many that we just want to give up.
2) Keep Your Breathing Rhythm. It important that you learn to breathe right and then when you learn that get comfortable with so that you stay at a stray pace and move smoothly. Ok this might be a stretch but I think of it like this (and if you don’t let me know if you have a better metaphor), but the breathing rhythm of Christians is our prayer lives. And if we don’t have a steady and regular conversation with God out relationship suffers, so keep the rhythm.
3) Don’t stop. Yeah running is not easy, but its gets a lot harder when you need to finish a certain distance and you get tired and stop, it just gets that much more difficult to start again. Life is not easy and being a Christian isn’t any easier (Don’t believe me Jesus said it look it up). But if we try and take breaks and even if we aren’t doing the bad stuff, trying get back into the flow of Christian life, seems like a chore and impossible one. So just keep going, if you fall get back up again, and keep on moving.

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