Let God Speak

Earlier this week, my church had a problem; no power. A freak storm came in and did a lot of damage, including knocking down a tree which caused power outage. It came at the worst time,right before church. “Of course this had to happen now! Things all try to mess me up!”

I’m a youth pastor for those who don’t know, and I always face these kind of problems. I’ve seen so many. Mic cables messing up before worship starts. Computer problems, videos won’t play with sound, someone forgot the main dish at the party, empty bank account right when a payment is due. So frustrating! And I always have a tendency to blame God, I mean He is supposed to be in control of it all right? So why would He do these kind of stuff to us while we are doing our best to serve Him.

In the middle of all of that, cleaning up and trying to worry wether or not we would have power for youth service the next day I catch a glimpse of the sunset.

It made me stop, and think. Why am I worried about something I can’t control. It was whisper from God saying “Yeah things don’t look bright, but who I am, my glory, my power, I’ve got it all under control. Would you have rather it happened during device and ruined your mood then? So relax, worship, slow down and let me do my work.”

A mouthful I know, but that’s what happens when we are so focused on that is wrong, we forget all that is right, and good around us. We don’t hear what God is trying to say. So slow down. Listen. Put your worries on hold for a moment, they aren’t helping you anyways. Let God speak.


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