Standing When You Fall

One of my favorite things about a good hero story is when the hero is all but defeated and decides to stand up one more time. Somehow this is all that is needed to win. Whether through courage, friendship, or some power never used until the moment they needed it. That last stand makes all the difference.

Last week, I wrote about how my stuff started to break apart on me, and how it was mostly my fault.

Well, things got worse.

While doing the Lord’s work, cleaning the restrooms at my church in this case. I was robbed. Thankfully, it wasn’t at gunpoint or anything. Whoever it was, came inside the building while I was busy, and stole my laptop and my iPad right out of my backpack.

I was angry. Those two devices were where I did all my work. I had been writing consistently. Something I felt God had called me to do. I had been working towards improving my church’s online presence, putting our messages online for all to see, and all of that was taken from me.

Through this ordeal, I learned a few things that helped change the direction my life was going in. Among them always have your laptop backed up.

1) God sometimes uses bad situations to remind us what’s important.

Although I had been making progress in the writing I felt God had placed in my heart, I was still stuck. Spiritually speaking, I felt like I wasn’t moving forward, I wasn’t getting any closer in my relationship with God. I felt like I was doing all the right things, and yet how could God allow this to happen.

“You’ve stopped relying on my Spirit.” That was the answer God whispered in my spirit.

My actions may have been good, but my heart was in the wrong place. God wanted to show me that He was more important than what I was doing and that without Him all of that was meaningless.

2) The Church is God’s support system

The Sunday after this happened, I  preached at my church. After not feeling up to it, God pushed me to stand up and do it. My sermon was about the grace that God has for us, the love He shows us, and the good he has planned for us in the midst of our bad days. I told the story what had happened to me.

When I did, several people came up after service giving me an offering so I could save for a new laptop.

I was blown away.

God showed me that even when it doesn’t seem like anyone is listening, He has set people up in the body of Christ to help us up when we are down.

3) When you stand, God stands with you.

Even though I knew all I had lost was replaceable, I felt spiritually attacked. I didn’t want to get back up after this, figuratively speaking. “What’s the point?” I asked myself. God wanted me to know through all of this If I was willing to make an effort to get back up He would be right there with me.

He already promised it. He will always be with us. Not only that But he will work for our good. I had to fight to gather the courage to stand, but through what God was doing through other I could see he was with me.

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have Ben called according to His purpose.” Romans 8:28 (NIV)

We have to let Him work in our lives. Sometimes we can hold so tight to our pains, hurts, problems, circumstances that we refuse to let God do anything with them. I learned better. What can you let God work for good in your life?


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