Advice For Young Leaders

Last year I had the chance to write a guest post for, but I never posted it here, so here is that post. It was written for young leaders, but the advice in it is a good advice that can apply to anyone who wants to better themselves: Being the youngest leader in the … Continue reading Advice For Young Leaders


Collecting Dust

There stands in my room, an old relic that has not seen light, or been touched in years. It is my trombone from High School. And about all it's good for these days is collecting dust, which I occasionally clean off. I loved playing; music had brought joy to my life. It still does, but … Continue reading Collecting Dust

I Was Afraid

"I confess. I didn’t leave Gallifrey because I was bored! That was a lie, it’s always been a lie! Not enough? You want more? I was scared! I ran because I was scared! Is that what you want me to say? Is that true enough for you?" - The Doctor WE ARE ALL AFRAID of something. … Continue reading I Was Afraid